Gene Model: AT3G49340.1 [Help]
Name (?)    AT3G49340.1
Name Type (?)    orf
Gene Model Type (?)    protein_coding
Description    Cysteine proteinases superfamily protein;(source:Araport11)
Chromosome   3
Locus (?)    AT3G49340 (Note: use this locus link to see all functional annotations, associated gene models, markers and ESTs).
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Sequence (?)  
Bio Source (?) Source Date GenBank Accession Sequence
genomic AGI-TIGR 2000-09-08 00:00:00.0 NM_114794  full length CDS
genomic   full length cDNA
genomic   full length genomic
Protein Data  
name   Length(aa)   molecular weight   isoelectric point   domains( # of domains)
AT3G49340.1    341    37687.6    4.2674    Peptidase, cysteine peptidase active site:IPR000169(3)
                Proteinase inhibitor I29, cathepsin propeptide:IPR013201(2)
                Peptidase C1A, papain C-terminal:IPR000668(5)
                Peptidase C1A, papain:IPR013128(1)
Map Locations
chrom map map type (?) coordinates orientation attrib
3 AGI nuc_sequence 18293347 - 18294577 bp reverse   details
3 F2K15 assembly_unit 96004 - 97234 bp reverse
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Gene Feature (?)  
type   coordinates   annotation source   date  
ORF   1-1231      
coding_region   1-445      
coding_region   651-1231      
exon   1-445      
intron   446-650      
exon   651-1231      
Polymorphism (?)
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name (?)   type (?)   Polymorphism site   Allele type (?)
GK-262E07-014951   insertion   promoter   unknown
GK-282F01-015177   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-282F01-015202   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-282F02-015177   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-308D09-015783   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-308D09-015815   insertion   exon   unknown
ossowski_1204893   deletion   coding_region   unknown
ossowski_1204894   deletion   promoter   unknown
ossowski_617669   substitution   coding_region   unknown
ossowski_617670   substitution   coding_region   unknown
ossowski_617673   substitution   promoter   unknown
ossowski_617677   substitution   promoter   unknown
PERL0620131   substitution   exon   unknown
PERL0620135   substitution   exon   unknown
PERL0620136   substitution   coding_region   unknown
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Name   Polymorphisms   Background   Stock Name   Select
SALK_039844   SALKseq_039844.0; SALK_039844     SALK_039844  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_039844C   SALK_039844     SALK_039844C  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_120727   SALK_120727.47.20.x     SALK_120727  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_131226   SALKseq_131226.2; SALKseq_131226.1; SALK_131226.39.25.x; SALKseq_131226.0     SALK_131226  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_131226C   SALK_131226.39.25.x     SALK_131226C  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available

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AGI-TIGR's comment   contains similarity to cysteine proteinase GI:535454 from (Alnus glutinosam)   2002-05-02
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Date last modified (?)    2017-04-16
TAIR Accession (?)    Gene:2082880

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