Gene Model: AT3G32110.1 [Help]
Name (?)    AT3G32110.1
Name Type (?)    orf
Gene Model Type (?)    transposable_element_gene
Description    transposable_element_gene;(source:Araport11);non-LTR retrotransposon family (LINE), has a 1.9e-52 P-value blast match to GB:AAA39398 ORF2 (Mus musculus) (LINE-element);(source:TAIR10)
Chromosome   3
Locus (?)    AT3G32110 (Note: use this locus link to see all functional annotations, associated gene models, markers and ESTs).
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Sequence (?)  
Bio Source (?) Source Date GenBank Accession Sequence
genomic AGI-TIGR 2000-09-08 00:00:00.0 NM_114034  full length genomic
genomic   full length cDNA
Map Locations
chrom map map type (?) coordinates orientation attrib
3 AGI nuc_sequence 13097952 - 13103951 bp forward   details
3 F1M23 assembly_unit 50633 - 56632 bp forward
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Associated Transposons  
Name   Chromosome
AT3TE53630   3
Polymorphism (?)
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name (?)   type (?)   Polymorphism site   Allele type (?)
AY202566   insertion   exon   unknown
AY202567   insertion   exon   unknown
AY202604   insertion   exon   unknown
AY202605   insertion   exon   unknown
AY202920   insertion   exon   unknown
AY202921   insertion   exon   unknown
ET10070.Ds3.07.01.2003.jx12.576   insertion   exon   unknown
ET11132.Ds5.03.20.2003.jw83.732   insertion   exon   unknown
ET5219.Ds3.09.03.2002.jw52.593   insertion   exon   unknown
ET6541.Ds5.06.05.00.b.607   insertion   exon   unknown
ET7714.Ds5.09.27.00.b.623   insertion   exon   unknown
ET7714.Ds5.12.18.2002.jw76.659   insertion   exon   unknown
ET9881.Ds3.10.10.2003.jx29.719   insertion   exon   unknown
GT10948.Ds3.12.18.2002.jw77.415   insertion   exon   unknown
GT10961.Ds3.11.04.2002.jw71.487   insertion   exon   unknown
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Name   Polymorphisms   Background   Stock Name   Select
CS26563   ET5219.Ds3.09.03.2002.jw52.593     CS26563  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_042259   SALK_042259.50.85.x     SALK_042259  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_042259C   SALK_042259.50.85.x     SALK_042259C  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_065517   SALK_065517     SALK_065517  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available

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Date last modified (?)    2017-04-16
TAIR Accession (?)    Gene:2079057

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