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Name (?)    AT3G08970.1
Name Type (?)    orf
Gene Model Type (?)    protein_coding
Description    J domain protein localized in ER lumen. Can compensate for the growth defect in jem1 scj1 mutant yeast. Also shows similarity to HSP40 proteins and is induced by heat stress. At high temperatures, mutant alleles are not transmitted through the pollen due to defects in pollen tube growth.
Chromosome   3
Locus (?)    AT3G08970 (Note: use this locus link to see all functional annotations, associated gene models, markers and ESTs).
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Annotations (?)  
Category   Relationship Type (?)   Keyword (?)
GO Cellular Component   located in   plasmodesma
Annotation Detail
Sequence (?)  
Bio Source (?) Source Date GenBank Accession Sequence
genomic AGI-TIGR 2000-09-08 00:00:00.0 NM_111731  full length CDS
genomic AGI-TIGR 2004-03-04 18:34:00.0 NM_111731  full length genomic
genomic   full length cDNA
Protein Data  
name   Length(aa)   molecular weight   isoelectric point   domains( # of domains)
AT3G08970.1    572    62569.6    10.0978    Heat shock protein DnaJ:IPR003095(2)
                Heat shock protein DnaJ, conserved site:IPR018253(1)
                Heat shock protein DnaJ, N-terminal:IPR001623(5)
                Thioredoxin-like fold:IPR012336(1)
                Molecular chaperone, heat shock protein, Hsp40, Dn:IPR015609(1)
Map Locations
chrom map map type (?) coordinates orientation attrib
3 AGI nuc_sequence 2737537 - 2740530 bp forward   details
3 T16O11 assembly_unit 16015 - 19008 bp reverse
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Gene Feature (?)  
type   coordinates   annotation source   date  
ORF   53-2729      
5' utr   1-52      
coding_region   53-142      
coding_region   359-414      
coding_region   511-584      
coding_region   740-1251      
coding_region   1361-1702      
coding_region   1907-2260      
coding_region   2439-2729      
exon   1-142      
intron   143-358      
exon   359-414      
intron   415-510      
exon   511-584      
intron   585-739      
exon   740-1251      
intron   1252-1360      
exon   1361-1702      
intron   1703-1906      
exon   1907-2260      
intron   2261-2438      
exon   2439-2994      
3' utr   2730-2994      
Polymorphism (?)
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name (?)   type (?)   Polymorphism site   Allele type (?)
aterdj3a-1   insertion   exon   unknown
aterdj3a-2   insertion   intron   unknown
ET14278.Ds3.05.16.2006.jy97.745   insertion   intron   unknown
FLAG_057F03   insertion   promoter   unknown
GK-085G12-011845   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-085G12-011850   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-406C01-017977   insertion   promoter   unknown
GK-568F10-021288   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-568F11-021288   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-705F03-025036   insertion   exon   unknown
ossowski_1198518   deletion   3'UTR   unknown
ossowski_458415   substitution   promoter   unknown
ossowski_458416   substitution   promoter   unknown
ossowski_458417   substitution   promoter   unknown
ossowski_458418   substitution   promoter   unknown
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Name   Polymorphisms   Background   Stock Name   Select
aterdj3a-1; aterdj3b-1   aterdj3b-1; aterdj3a-1     not an ABRC stock  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)

aterdj3a-2; aterdj3b-2   aterdj3a-2; aterdj3b-2     not an ABRC stock  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)

atp58ipk; aterdj3a   atp58ipk-1; aterdj3a-2     not an ABRC stock  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)

SALK_027193   aterdj3a-2     SALK_027193  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)

SALK_027193C   aterdj3a-2     SALK_027193C  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_103280   SALKseq_103280.1; aterdj3a-1     SALK_103280  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_103280c   aterdj3a-1     SALK_103280C  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)

tms1-1   tms1-1     not an ABRC stock  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available

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