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Name (?)    AT2G21260.1
Name Type (?)    orf
Gene Model Type (?)    protein_coding
Description    NAD(P)-linked oxidoreductase superfamily protein;(source:Araport11)
Chromosome   2
Locus (?)    AT2G21260 (Note: use this locus link to see all functional annotations, associated gene models, markers and ESTs).
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Annotations (?)  
Category   Relationship Type (?)   Keyword (?)
GO Cellular Component   located in   cytoplasm
Annotation Detail
Sequence (?)  
Bio Source (?) Source Date GenBank Accession Sequence
genomic AGI-TIGR 2002-09-20 00:00:00.0 NM_127698  full length CDS
genomic   full length genomic
genomic   full length cDNA
Protein Data  
name   Length(aa)   molecular weight   isoelectric point   domains( # of domains)
AT2G21260.1    309    35018.9    5.8067    Aldo/keto reductase, conserved site:IPR018170(3)
                NADP-dependent oxidoreductase domain:IPR023210(3)
                Aldo/keto reductase:IPR001395(1)
                Aldo/keto reductase subgroup:IPR020471(5)
Map Locations
chrom map map type (?) coordinates orientation attrib
2 AGI nuc_sequence 9105583 - 9107380 bp reverse   details
2 F7O24 assembly_unit 1661 - 3458 bp forward
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Gene Feature (?)  
type   coordinates   annotation source   date  
ORF   73-1688      
5' utr   1-72      
coding_region   73-205      
coding_region   496-590      
coding_region   675-792      
coding_region   943-1075      
coding_region   1158-1377      
coding_region   1458-1688      
exon   1-205      
intron   206-495      
exon   496-590      
intron   591-674      
exon   675-792      
intron   793-942      
exon   943-1075      
intron   1076-1157      
exon   1158-1377      
intron   1378-1457      
exon   1458-1798      
3' utr   1689-1798      
Polymorphism (?)
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name (?)   type (?)   Polymorphism site   Allele type (?)
AMU-2-198   deletion   unknown   unknown
AMU-2-198   deletion   unknown   unknown
FLAG_056E12   insertion   exon   unknown
FLAG_056E12   insertion   promoter   unknown
GK-307C12-015597   insertion   promoter   unknown
GK-307C12-015597   insertion   intron   unknown
GK-307C12-015597   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-355A03-016831   insertion   promoter   unknown
GK-355A03-016831   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-355A03-016870   insertion   exon   unknown
ossowski_371743   substitution   coding_region   unknown
PERL0351496   substitution   intron   unknown
SAIL_177_D05.v1   insertion   promoter   unknown
SAIL_293_D03.v1   insertion   intron   unknown
SAIL_293_D03.v1   insertion   exon   unknown
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Name   Polymorphisms   Background   Stock Name   Select
SAIL_177_D05   SAIL_177_D05.v1     CS808555  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SAIL_293_D03   SAIL_293_D03.v1     CS813583  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SAIL_404_G06   SAIL_404_G06.v1     not an ABRC stock  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_001358   SALK_001358     SALK_001358  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_050803   SALK_050803.51.50.x     SALK_050803  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_051379   SALK_051379.39.45.x     SALK_051379  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_051379C   SALK_051379.39.45.x     SALK_051379C  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available

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Publication (?)   
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Molecular cloning of mannose-6-phosphate reductase and its developmental expression in celery.
Update History (?)  
AT2G21260.1 replaces AT2G21260.1 on 2004-02-23
Date last modified (?)    2017-04-16
TAIR Accession (?)    Gene:3695792

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