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Name (?)    AT1G53020.1
Name Type (?)    orf
Gene Model Type (?)    pseudogene
Description    pseudogene of Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme family protein;(source:Araport11)
Chromosome   1
Locus (?)    AT1G53020 (Note: use this locus link to see all functional annotations, associated gene models, markers and ESTs).
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Sequence (?)  
Bio Source (?) Source Date GenBank Accession Sequence
genomic   full length genomic
genomic   full length cDNA
Protein Data  
name   Length(aa)   molecular weight   isoelectric point   domains( # of domains)
AT1G53020    326    37292.0       
Map Locations
chrom map map type (?) coordinates orientation attrib
1 AGI nuc_sequence 19751372 - 19753064 bp reverse   details
1 F8L10 assembly_unit 72877 - 74569 bp forward
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Gene Feature (?)  
type   coordinates   annotation source   date  
exon   1-234      
intron   235-370      
exon   371-487      
intron   488-594      
exon   595-658      
intron   659-733      
exon   734-873      
intron   874-955      
exon   956-1267      
intron   1268-1378      
exon   1379-1693      
Polymorphism (?)
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name (?)   type (?)   Polymorphism site   Allele type (?)
AMU-1-375   deletion   unknown   unknown
AMU-1-375   deletion   unknown   unknown
ET8233.Ds3.10.13.00.b.641   insertion   exon   unknown
GK-695C12-024553   insertion   intron   unknown
GK-695C12-024558   insertion   intron   unknown
ossowski_1136406   insertion   intron   unknown
ossowski_170380   substitution   intron   unknown
ossowski_170382   substitution   intron   unknown
ossowski_170384   substitution   intron   unknown
ossowski_170400   substitution   promoter   unknown
PERL0168236   substitution   intron   unknown
PERL0168239   substitution   intron   unknown
PERL0168242   substitution   intron   unknown
PERL0168251   substitution   coding_region   unknown
PERL0168251   substitution   exon   unknown
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Name   Polymorphisms   Background   Stock Name   Select
CS466660   GK-695C12-024553     CS466660  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_053395   SALK_053395.50.95.x; SALKseq_053395.0; SALKseq_053395.1     SALK_053395  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_053395C   SALK_053395.50.95.x     SALK_053395C  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_137417   SALK_137417.23.45.n; SALKseq_137417.1     SALK_137417  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_137419   SALKseq_137419.3; SALKseq_137419.5; SALKseq_137419.2; SALKseq_137419.201; SALKseq_137419.6; SALKseq_137419.0; SALKseq_137419.1; SALKseq_137419.7; SALK_137419.28.20.x; SALKseq_137419.4; SALKseq_137419.8; SALKseq_137419.101     SALK_137419  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available
SALK_137427   SALK_137427.45.25.x; SALKseq_137427.1     SALK_137427  
None available  
Phenotypes (?)
None available

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Plant Proteome Database
AGI-TIGR's comment   similar to GB:3319990 from (Mus musculus)   2002-05-02
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Publication (?)   
author/title     source     date
*Hirotaka, Takahashi Motoaki, Seki Kazuo, Shinozaki Tatsuya, Sawasaki Yaeta, Endo
High-throughput detection of ubiquitination and poly-ubiquitination based on wheat cell-free protein production system
Update History (?)  
AT1G53020.1 added from split AT1G53023.1 on 2010-09-02
AT1G53020.1 added from split AT1G53025.1 on 2010-09-02
Date last modified (?)    2017-04-16
TAIR Accession (?)    Gene:2011525

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